What is freedom?

Is it about maximising possibility and personal choice? An absence of outside interference? Our lived experience is usually far more complex, and we often find that what we choose does not truly satisfy us.

The London Encounter 2018 will explore the idea that true freedom is in fact found through belonging: particular relationships, paths and places which allow us to live life with openness, knowing that we will be helped to our feet whenever we fall. The day will consist of meetings, exhibitions and events, all of them considering the nature of freedom through the paradoxical means of belonging and following.

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Exhibitions 2018

Events 2018


A long-awaited reunion between two brothers quickly turns to talk of the eternal questions, and the gift – or curse? – of human freedom. 3 November 2018, 200...
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St Paul’s, 200 Aldersgate Street
London, EC1A 4HD